Option Management Services

Leasing and Management Options To Fit Your Needs!

We offer Owners, Investors, Builders, Banks and Realtors choices. Each of these programs allows you to choose and adjust to fit todayís changing market.


1. Full Leasing and Management


If you are a true investor, have never managed a home, are not familiar with the Landlord Tenant Laws, or just donít have the time to do it, than this is the program for you. It is our most popular option. See more Information

 2. Lease Only- (We lease, You Manage)

 We will handle the marketing, showings, tenant screening, and move in, than turn it over to you to manage. This is an economical alternative to the high cost of advertising,  and marketing as an individual. See more information

 3. Lease Purchase

 If you want a positive solution to the slow market we are experiencing, but wish to sell your home, this may be the best program for you. We will handle all the leasing and management duties until the sale closes. We put the effort into getting you and your lease/purchaser to the closing table. We have the skills necessary to define the risk and reward in a lease/option/purchase.


Landlords have varying levels of skill and working knowledge of property management, along with time, willingness to deal with tenants, and timidness in handling conflict.  that is why we offer three plans for your business.


Here is an Easy to Read Comparative Chart Of Services

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~We have invested in and Developed Tools, Systems, & Experience To Make Your Investment More Lucrative and Less Stressful~ 

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Full Service

50% of First Months Collected Rent To Procure Tenant

7% of Monthly Collected Rent

$150 Renewal fee per year for Renewing Leases

 Tenant Placement

$250 Upfront Marketing Fee

100% of First Months Collected Rent To Procure Tenant


 6% of the Purchase Price At Closing


The Normal Leasing & Management Fees 

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